About Eve

Eve Castelo Branco has been a professional dancer and aerialist for Cirque du Soleil for more than a decade. She toured the world with Delirium in 2005 and joined the LOVE show at the Mirage in Las Vegas in 2008. She is still performing ten shows a week, loving every single minute of it. She has been in the fitness business for more than 15 years and has an eclectic and versatile background in the field. Being an artist with Cirque for so many years, she’s developed an intuitive way of using her body through her performances, daily workouts as well as her dedication to her art. 

Earlier in her career, she had to build a rigorous discipline to support her lifestyle as a performer, personal trainer and fitness instructor. Throughout her venture with Cirque, she became more and more aware of her impact in supporting and helping people achieve their goals in fitness and using her guidance to make a difference in their journey.

As a result of her artistic experience, she developed a keen observant eye in the kinesthetic body movement and is using it in it in her fitness career.

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What differentiates me from other trainers? I have a professional artistic background