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LIVE training session

We use Google hangout, Skype or Facetime for our LIVE workout sessions. It is an effective and easy way to work together, guaranteeing results. Clients get my full and undivided attention, are pushed to achieve their fitness goals while working hard at home.

Workout Anywhere

No more excuses about not working out while traveling! I'll create a workout for you with no or little or no equipment. In some cases, using the hotel gym is also a great option.

Tone and Stretch

Are you ready to workout in the comfort of your home or perhaps in your hotel room while traveling? Are you stiff and sore after long hours at work on a plane or in a car? I will give you a workout program and stretching exercises and bring you back to a comfortable state prior to traveling again.


Online workouts cost less than a personal trainer at a gym. Best Workout At Home offers different memberships and pricing option to fit all budgets.

Flexibility of time

You decide when it's convenient to workout with me, I work around your schedule. You save time by not driving to the gym or to a fitness facility.

Quick efficient workout

We'll focus on quick, efficient workouts to help you maximize your time and accommodate your busy schedule.

What is Best Workout At Home?

There are so many benefits of Online Personal Training workouts and I am more than happy to show them to you and to share my passion about fitness. Workout with me and you will find ourself enjoying the freedom of working out WHEREVER you want and WHENEVER you want!

Workout with me, LIVE via Google Hangouts, Skype or Facetime. My LIVE online workouts are:

  • Cost-effective

  • You have the freedom of time and location!

  • You get my personal attention and we focus on your fitness goals in the comfort of your home, hotel room, work space, park or wherever you choose.

Do you want to workout at home at get serious results?
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What our clients say


I had never been active before, I was a complete beginner. Even though I have never been overweight, I’ve never been healthy or fit either. I wanted an effective routine that would help me lose fat, tone my body and shape my figure while gaining strength. I wanted results. This is when I found Eve, and I’m so happy I did. Her sessions are live, making the workouts easy to follow. You can literally workout from pretty much anywhere, your home, the park, your office, etc. Even if you go out of town, you can still continue your sessions if you wish. It feels like you have your own personal trainer right there with you ready to motivate you. Having to workout from home made it easier for me to find time in my schedule, it was extremely convenient. Eve performs the exercises with you so you know exactly how to do them and she’ll instruct you on how to correct the position of your body so you get a more effective workout. During my time with her I was able to change not only my body but also improve my lifestyle. Before working out with Eve, my endurance was weak, I wasn’t strong enough to even do a single push up and my energy level was low. So I trusted Eve. And once I began my routine, I started noticing how much my body had improved. Within a month I felt my stamina and energy power boost up, I was able to keep up with the workouts 5 times better than the first day. In the two month mark I was physically seeing results in my body. My stomach started getting flatter and my legs were toning. I was extremely excited that I was able to get rid of my side muffin tops. I was losing roughly 4 pounds each month, which was exactly what I desired, since my goal wasn’t to lose lots of weight. I was more concerned about getting my body toned up and being strong. Eve gave me the guidance and drive that I needed to push myself. Thank you Eve! You’re amazing!

Sany Daley            



I’ve been training online with Eve for about a year now and it’s just amazing. Being often between cities and having a variable schedule, she’s always there for me and she adapts to my needs.
The routines are constantly changing and, believe, always challenging which I love and keeps me motivated. I feel she’s there for me, love her text to remind me we need to train, and I feel much better since I’m able to add training to my crazy schedule. Merci Eve!!!

       Veronique Breault